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When you book Game On Video Game Truck, you’ll be blown away by the many features designed to optimize your video gaming experience. If you’re looking for a unique activity for your next birthday party or tailgate, our mobile video game truck should be your top choice. 



You’d be hard-pressed to find a truck that’s customized like this. Check out the details of our sweet video game truck:

  • Limousine-style interior: Enjoy the comfortable leather stadium seating area.

  • Seven huge HDTVs: With five inside and two outside, there’s plenty of space for your guests to play.

  • Satellite TVs for sporting events: Watch the football game and play video games at the same time.

  • Climate controlled interior: Stay cool in our air-conditioned mobile video game truck.

  • Laser lights: Light up the party with festive laser lights.

  • Room for up to 30 people: 20 people can play at once, while 10 more people watch the action.

  • Five gaming stations: Guests can play five different games simultaneously.

  • Surround sound audio system: You’ll even be able to hear the game over your guests’ cheers.

  • Fully self-powered: With our ultra-quiet generator, there’s no need to hook the truck up to your home’s electrical system.

You’ve never partied like this before! Reserve the mobile video game truck for your next party, event or fundraiser in the Shreveport, LA area.

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